Our strengths

Our slogan: Q² stands for Quick and Quality
We understand that delivery time and punctuality are important in today’s ways of doing business.

Our large stock in combination with the production and regrinding facilities are state-of-the art. Just try it out.

We are capable of developing new products and services in order to offer you the best possible solution.

Why work with Maes Jonker?

  • Because you can be sure that we will give you the best possible solution at the lowest cost of ownership.
  • Because working with the Maes Jonker team is enjoyable. Our firm is internationally recognized. We are a family company with long-term objectives in which the customer is the centre of our attention.
  • Because Maes Jonker solutions are the pick of the bunch. This is possible thanks to the combination of knowledge, experience, expertise, materials, processes,… We will help you to receive the best products.
  • Because Maes Jonker solutions are all about the ease of usage, the limitation of sound, safety and environment. This you can find in the smallest details, like for example the packaging.